Dr. Hemp Dog Ultra Behavior Dog Supplement


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  • Keep your pup's tail wagging with Dr. Hempdog's Ultra Behavior Dog Supplement! This supplement enhances mood and lowers anxiety, promoting better sleep and a happy dog. Say goodbye to pesky behaviors and hello to a calm and content companion.

    This product includes:

    CBN/CBD dominant full-spectrum hemp extract
    570mg of total cannabinoids, including CBN, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBDV, and a potent terpene profile
    MCT Coconut Oil as a carrier for enhanced absorption

    Dr.Hempdog has been diligentely working since 2015 on their new generation of full-spectrum CBN/CBD hemp oil for dogs and other animals, after it saved their own dog's life. Research shows that CBN (Cannabinol) stimulates CB1 receptors, which can positively affect anxiety, mood, sleep, and certain other conditions in dogs and other animals. CBN interacts with CB1 receptors in dogs and other animals in a similar way to THC, but without the psychoactivity.

  • Hemp oil extracted from our unique hemp strains, Organic MCT Coconut contains CBN, other vital supporting cannabinoids including CBD, CBG,CBC, CBDV, and a potent Terpene Profile

  • Administer by Weight:

    Normal Dose: 2 drops/ 10lbs of Weight

    Maximum Dose: 4 drops/ 10lbs of Weight

    Do not use more than one time per 6 hours.

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