E3 Live Canine Nutrient Dense Superfood Dog Supplement


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E3 Live Canine is easily absorbed and supports coat, joints, brain function and general health by providing the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that your dog needs. No additives, no pesticides and no preservatives.

This powder promotes:

A strengthened immune system
Anti-inflammatory action
Healthier skin conditions and a lustrous coat
Enhanced energy, vitality and endurance – great for older dogs!

At E3Live they have been offering natural organic health products since 1991. They are very critical and selective when it comes to harvesting, filtering, testing and formulating all our products. As with any wild-grown food, you want to be sure that you are getting 100% safe and edible AFA, harvested by the most reputable of harvesters. Their harvesting and purity testing is of utmost importance to us. They not only meet, but exceed quality and safety standards for harvesting processes.

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