Eco-88 Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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  • Description
  • Eco-88 Pet Stain & Odor Remover is formulatedto permanentlyremove all stains and odors associated with bacterial decomposition caused by pets, people and other related accidents.Eco-88 requires no scrubbing, rinsing or blotting. Just spray directly on stains and odor and watch them disappear like magic.

    This eco-friendly remover is:

    -Not a fragrance or perfume that temporarily disguises or hides
    odors, but a permanent odor eliminator
    Completely odorless, non-staining, non-toxic and safe to use around pets, children and plants
    -Free of bleaches, enzymes, fragrances, and harsh chemicals
    -Not a spot remover: it uses oxygen to remove stains and odors at the molecular level

    Based in Houston Texas, Enviro Resources stands firmly behind the belief that the value our customers place on the products we create for them is reason enough to put our talents and energies to work each day. They are committed to research and development efforts that exceed the norm for the chemical products industry. Environmentally safe products like Eco-88 are designed to protect you and your earth.

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