GF Pet Fireside Clay Dog Sweater


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  • GF Pet Fireside Clay Dog Sweater will make any pup into this season's newest trendsetter. This retro sweater will keep your pup warm and fashionable all season long. Available in 9 sizes!

    Sweater Highlights:

    Quality knit & retro design
    Secure ribbed arm holes
    Fashion forward turtleneck
    100% Acrylic

    At GF Pet, they believe in functional fashion, bringing the latest trends to your pet’s wardrobe and toys. They aim to cover every pets needs, from the smallest to the tallest!

  • XX-Small, Weight 3-7 lbs Length 9", Girth 11"-14"
    X-Small, Weight 6-11 lbs Length 11", Girth 13"-16"
    Small, Weight 10-17 lbs Length 13", Girth 15"-19"
    Medium, Weight 15-22 lbs Length 15", Girth 17"-22"
    Large, Weight 20-40 lbs Length 18", Girth 20"-25"
    X-Large, Weight 35-55 lbs Length 21", Girth 23"-28"
    XX-Large, Weight 50-70 lbs Length 24", Girth 26"-31"
    XXX-Large, Weight 60-100 lbs Length 28", Girth 30"-35"
    XXXX-Large, Weight 70-120 lbs Length 32", Girth 34"-40"

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