Honey I'm Home Mega Muncher Variety Pack


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  • Honey I'm Home Mega Muncher Variety Pack is the perfect snack pack for medium to large size dogs! With straightforward ingredients like Buffalo and Honey, you know your beloved furrend is getting all they need and nothing they don't. These are durable and textured chews your dog will love.

    This natural treat is:

    Full of buffalo meat, which besides having a rich, natural flavor, also has 3 to 5 times less fat, is lower in cholesterol and has a lower calorie content than beef and chicken.
    Helps keep your dogs teeth, gums and jaw muscles strong and healthy, while fighting tartar and plaque buildup
    Coated with all natural honey
    Highly digestible and safe for pups with beef and poultry allergies

    Honey I'm Home treats are made from human grade water buffalo. You can rest easy knowing you are treating your dog with a delicious and healthy dog snack.

  • Buffalo Pizzle, Hoof, Ear, Horn Core, Trachea, Honey, Natural Honey Flavoring, Amylogum, Potassium Sorbate.

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