Huggle-Hide Leather Ball Dog Toy


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Huggle-Hide Leather Bone Dog Toy is a durable, all-natural solution to long-lasting entertainment and play for your pet. Made from tanned water buffalo hide, and filled with tanned cowhide and cotton rope, this toy is perfect for chew-obsessed pups!

Like all HuggleHound natural products, this toy is:

Small size: 2.5"
Medium size: 3"
Large size: 4"
Built for durability utilizing sturdy natural materials
Perfect for playing fetch with your pup that loves to chomp and gnaw
Made with all-natural cotton and dyes
Free of harsh toxic chemicals as well as artificial colors and flavors

HuggleHounds was founded in 2009 by two lifelong members of the pet industry. Julie and Bob had a goal - to create unique, functional pet products that have creative designs with maximum durability. HuggleHounds puts the fun in functional!

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