HuggleHounds Stuey Sock Monkey Dog Toy


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HuggleHounds Stuey Sock Monkey Dog Toy is a classic that brings on the retro vibes! Your dog will love chewing and tugging, while you'll love it's durability. The multiple squeakers will also keep your pup entertained.

Like all HuggleHounds toys, this plush is:

Small size: 9"
Lined with exclusive Tuffut Technology, the durable double-layer lining affixed to the outside plush fabric before being sewn into the toys
Designed for maximum appeal with fresh colors, interesting texture, and fun designs
Machine-washable and gets softer over time!

HuggleHounds was founded in 2009 by two lifelong members of the pet industry. Julie and Bob had a goal - to create unique, functional pet products that have creative designs with maximum durability. HuggleHounds puts the fun in functional!

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