Jax and Bones Bone Slow Feeder Grey Dog Bowl


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This Jax and Bones Bone Slow Feeder Grey Dog Bowl has got it all - it's stylish, it's playful and it's totally practical! Crafted from quality stainless steel and decorated with a cute bone design, this bowl is perfect for your pup's healthy feeding habits.

This Jax and Bones bowl:

Promotes slow, healthy feeding
Prevents bloat and fast eating
Made of high quality stainsteel and a power coated dishwashing face

Jax & Bones believe that every pup deserves a lush and luxurious lifestyle, with the best toy and cushiest bed. At Jax & Bones, their aim to leave the smallest carbon paw-print possible by making products that are handmade, naturally died, and made from recycled materials.

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