Messy Cats Stainless Steel Cat Saucer


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Keep your cat's meals fun and fresh with our Messy Cats Stainless Steel Cat Saucer! It's the perfect way to prepare raw or dehyrdated meals ahead of time with ease, reducing cross contamination for a worry-free feline feast.

This product is:

Each set contains two saucer shaped stainless steel bowls (14oz / 1.75 cups per bowl, 6" d x 1" h) and two silicone lids (6” d)
The lids are air-tight, stackable and spill resistant
Stainless bowls are non-toxic and rust resistant

Messy Cats is a full line of cat accessories. Interactive cat feeders, cat food bowls, can covers, to litter scoops. Messy Cats can help keep your cat happy and you even happier with the great designs and colour to fit into your home decor.

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