Messy Mutts Dual Sided Silicone Grooming Brush


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Get ready to make bath time a breeze with the Messy Mutts Dual Sided Silicone Grooming Brush! This reversible brush lets you clean your pup's coat with total ease. Plus, its silicone bristles are a surefire way to give your pup a deep clean and make sure they look (and smell!) their absolute best.

This product is:

Can be used with or without water or soap
Remove loose hair, groom, scrub, or massage
Long bristles are ideal for deep cleaning
Can also be used on furniture, fabric or other surfaces

At Messy Mutts they know that being a dog is a dirty job, but that shouldn’t stop them from getting to work! Their products are durable, easy to clean, look good in your home. Messy Mutts makes décor that will have your dog drooling!

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