Multi Pet Mesh Ball Bulk Cat Toy


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The Multipet Mesh Ball Bulk Cat Toy is a lightweight ball full of fun glittery mesh, feathers, and ribbons that will keep your cat engaged. This ball will let your car release their natural instincts of batting and pouncing, and will encourage them to stay active.

Please note: This product consists of one ball and a specific color is not guaranteed.

Multipet Mesh Ball Bulk Cat Toy's Highlights:

Encourages exercise while providing mental stimulation
Brightly colored to intrigue and maintain your cat’s curiosity.
A great way to let your cat play to prevent boredom

Since 1995, Multipet has been committed to supplying pet products across the world, with products in more than 40,000 retail stores. Multipet thrives on unique designs and top quality to bring your pet the most unique and fun toys.

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