Tuesday's Natural Dog Co. 6" Stuffed Tremenda Sticks EACH


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  • Tuesday's Natural Dog Co. 6" Stuffed Tremenda Bully Chew is a palatable chew that your dog will love. This chew is a durable and long lasting option for puppies and smaller breeds, but unlike a true bully stick, this chew will not be as long-lasting for large breed dogs.

    These chews are:

    Palatable to even the pickiest of pups
    Easily digestible and safe for all life stages, from teething puppies to heavy chewing adults

    Tuesday's Natural Dog Company knows that family comes first, and that includes your four-legged family. This family-run business loves their dogs and knows the importance of the quality of treats we give them. Every treat and chew from Tuesday's Natural Dog Company is vet (and pup) approved!

  • Stuffed Tremenda Sticks are Chewy! This is a quick and easy treat that is good for all life stages.

    For more fun information on bones and chews, click here!

  • Beef Bladder, rice, beef, glycerin, guar gum.

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