Necoichi Crinkly Critters Dancing Dragonfly Trio Cat Wand


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Drive your cat wild with the Necoichi Crinkly Critters Dancing Dragonfly Trio Cat Wand! With their crinkly wings, unpredictable movement, and 360-degree spinning action, the dragonflies on this wand toy will have your cat leaping, flipping, and tumbling to catch them for hours of fun.


Adjustable dragonflies spin 360Β°
Wiggly wire creates unpredictable movement patterns
Crinkly mylar film wings instantly captures feline attention

Neoichi doesn’t want to make products that are chosen by a process of elimination. Their aim is to make products that you really want. They have a deep understanding of the needs of cats and their owners; with this in mind, they develop excellent products that are both functional and beautifully designed.

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