Pet Greens Oat, Rye & Barley Blend Self Grow Kit


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  • Bring the outdoors in with Pet Greens Oat, Rye & Barley Blend Self Grow Kit. It is the perfect way to satisfy your cat's craving for greens and provides a great alternative to keep them from munching on your houseplants. Dogs, birds, reptiles and rabbits also love this nutrient rich superfood.

    Pet Greens Highlights:

    100% certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free
    Helps maintain healthy digestion and relief from hairballs
    Made in the USA and Canada

    At Pet Greens we cherish our pets – they’re family, as well as the inspiration for both our company and our products. Beginning in 1996, we recognized that many pets spend most of their lives indoors, and we made it our mission to provide them with healthy, life-enriching ways to connect with nature and satisfy their craving for fresh, live greens. This innovative solution of bringing the outdoors in gives pets a full and happy life – so they can truly thrive inside!

  • Certified Organic Cereal Grass (May Contain Oat, Rye, Barley) and Growing Medium.

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