Ruffwear Dirtbag Car Seat Cover


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The Ruffwear Dirtbag Car Seat Cover is a durable, waterproof barrier between your dog and any hope of automotive resale value. Secure attachments keep the cover in place, and non-slip fabric keeps dogs stable during the ride. Seatbelts are accessible in both the bench and hammock configurations to keep everyone safer.

This product features:

Tear-resistant, waterproof and machine washable fabric
A convertible design that fits many vehicles
Seatbelt access points to open when needed and close when not in use
Zippered pocket to store small items like leashes, treats, and toys

Ruffwear began with a drive to explore the great outdoors, and founder Patrick Kruse rarely did that without his four-legged companions. Ruffwear's passion for for creating durable products that are suited for the elements is shown in every collar, leash, and adventure accessory they make. Ruffwear aims to practice sustainable sourcing, waste reduction, and environmental consciousness in every product they make.

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