Project Sudz Sea Salt Soy and Essential Oil Candle


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  • Description
  • If you're tired of unpleasant odors ruining your home atmosphere, you need Project Sudz in your life! Project Sudz Sea Salt Soy and Essential Oil Candle will freshen up your living space with this crisp, fresh sea salt with undertones of amber. You will no longer have to worry about those pesky "pet odors" again.

    This chemical free product uses:

    Handcrafted soy candles
    Cotton wick
    Eco-friendly materials made in the USA

    Project Sudz's mission is to do this in sustainable packaging without costing you your whole paycheck and without using those “green-washed” plastic bottles you see in the mass market. It seems like a tall order, and it is. However, don’t worry--we have figured it out! To do this, we have to make everything from scratch. Luckily, we like making things. We also have to reduce the size of our packaging. We want to help make sustainability an easy option for you, even if that means we have to work harder!

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