Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus Corn & Cassava Litter

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Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Litter is an eco-friendly, sustainable cat litter made from Corn and Cassava. The starches in these two ingredients work together to clump quickly, eliminate moisture, and minimize bacteria. This white litter also helps to keep your kitty healthy by making it easy to spot differences in your cat's urine.

This litter is:

Dust-free and fragrance-free, for your respiratory health and your kitty's
Sustainably made with renewable crops
Quick-clumping and low-tracking
Free of any chemicals or fragrances

Sustainably Yours began with a promise to help cat owners take better care of the environment without sacrificing performance, and they've delivered. With their dust-free formulas and their donations from every purchase to the Rainforest Trust, they are looking out for the health of everyone in your household and beyond.

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Jean C.
Peru Peru

No te hagas paltas

Mira papΓ‘ Lactosa es muy sencilla. EstΓ‘ arena es la maravilla. Agarro una bolsa y la mezclo con arcilla, aserrΓ­n y agua. Hago pelotas chicas y lo dejo secar al sol. Luego lo trituro mΓ‘s. Y santo remedio de una bolsa obtengo 3 bolsas mΓ‘s osea 4 bolsas y listo. La arena funciona igual, y los gatos no se lo.llevan en el pelaje pegado. Limpias y lavas . Para un buen olor al momento de hechar el agua le pones perfume de pisos o de ropa solo un poco. Una maravilla. Gracias. Me hacen ahorrar.mucho dinero

Jennifer B.
United States United States


This litter is so easy to scoop. Minimum tracking across the carpet. Odor control is good (not perfect, if the litter box wasn't in my office, I'd rate it very, very good)

Elizabeth B.
United States United States

Love this Cat Litter

Our two cats are actually brother and sister. They adapt easily and aren't particular about their litter. That being said, I loved the Sustainably Yours litter! It is incredibly soft and virtually odor free! It doesn't merely clump, it forms "rocks!" They are quite easy to scoop out of the box and there's NO DUST! The only negative is the cost -- it's pricey!

Araceli H.
United States United States

Sand litter

Unfortunately, this litter was not good for both my pets and I. My pets were covered pretty much all day in sand and I would find it all over the apartment. The litter clumps up a lot so it was gone way quicker than other litters. The odor was strong. I really loved how pretty it looks but it is not ideal.


Tomlinson's Feed

Hi, Araceli! I am so sorry to hear that this litter didn't work out for you. If you have any left please feel free to return it to your local store for a refund, and we would love to help find a better option for you.

Shirley C.
United States United States


I love Sustainably Yours for hard clumps, no smell if the cat covers it, and light weight. One cat prefers SY to the clay litter. The other cat prefers the clay, but will use SY if the clay box is dirty.