Tall Tails GOAT Sport Flyer Dog Toy


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The Tall Tails GOAT Sport Flyer Dog Toy is a durable toy that is designed with multiple play styles in mind.Β Its unique dome shape gives it great performance in the air, while its rugged construction ensures that it stands up to rough play. Enjoy hours of tug-o-war and fetch with your pup!

Like all Tall Tails toys, this toy is:

Great for fetch or tug
Available in two sizes, suitable for most dogs
Made of durable braided material

Tall Tails established its manufacturing heritage with Triboro Quilt & Mfg. Corp. in 1933. For more than 80 years, this family-owned company has mastered the production of superior apparel, bed, bath, and interactive products for safe and comfortable living. Tall Tails gives dogs the quality they deserve. Their exclusive materials, matched with the highest standards, provide unparalleled comfort. All Tall Tails products are expertly designed for timeless style, durability and easy maintenance.

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