TropiClean Fresh Breath Finger Brush 2 Pack


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The TropiClean Fresh Breath Finger Brushes are the perfect tool for keeping your pup’s teeth clean and healthy. This pack comes with two different brushes that each serve their own role in protecting your dog’s dental health! These brushes will make it easy for you to make your furry family member’s oral care a priority.

The TropiClean Fresh Breath Finger Brush 2 Pack Includes:

An easy cleaning brush is perfect for brushing and tackling some of the build-up that might be hiding in your dog’s mouth.
A gentle finger brush that is built with soft, flexible bristles made of silicone for those sensitive gum areas that need extra love.

At TropiClean, their mission is to curate products that push the pet industry’s limits. They are dedicated to protecting your pet’s health with natural products ranging from hassle-free dental care products to luxurious shampoos. TropiClean, created and owned by the Kassebaum family, is passionate about giving back to those in need across the world. The drive of the Kassebaum family to not only create products that will keep your pets happy and healthy, but to also use that achievement as a way to help others, has provided them with the success of six industry-leading product lines.

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