Turbo Plastic Ball Bulk Cat Toy


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The Turbo Plastic Ball Bulk Cat Toy comes in an assortment of fun colors guaranteed to catch your cat’s attention. This toy will keep your kitty entertained and active to promote overall health and prevent boredom with the jingle bell inside. The plastic exterior with paw and fish cutouts allows them to see inside and watch the jingle bell to further engage them.

Please note: This product consists of one ball and a specific color is not guaranteed.

Turbo Rattle Ball Bulk Toy's Highlights:

Encourages excercise.
Fun colors and sound to provide mental stimulation.
A great way to let your cat release their natural instincts of batting and swatting.

Turbo by Coastal Pet Products is so much more than an American maker of pet supplies. Coastal is focused on quality first and has been setting standards in the industry for decades.

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