Vittle Vault Kibble Container, 25 lb +


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The Vittle Vault is the perfect choice for keeping your pet's food as fresh as possible! Made of heavy duty, food-grade plastic and with an easy opening lid, this airtight container keeps freshness in and pests out.

Vittle Vault Highlights:

Airtight seal for guaranteed freshness
Pest proof
Made in the USA

Vittle Vault made by GAMMA2, Inc. first created and patented an airtight container in 1989. The original concept was designed for the biomedical storage industry, but GAMMA2, Inc.'s CEO, Curt Leland, saw an unmet need in the pet industry. Then, the Vittle Vault was born!GAMMA2 have always been committed to USA manufacturing AND sourcing of food-grade, BPA-free materials.

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