Zeus H2EAU Fresh & Clear Fountain for Dogs


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Zeus H2EAU Fresh & Clear Fountain for Dogs provides an ever-flowing stream of fresh and clean water to keep your pup hydrated all day long. It helps filter out debris, removes impurities and softens the water by reducing magnesium and calcium levels. Thanks to the translucent reservoir, you can check your dog's water level at a glance and easily be able to tell if it needs a refill.

Zeus H2EAU Fountain Highlights:

Includes a triple action filter
Comes with a splash guard for messy drinkers
Provides a continuous flow
Offers 3 drinking options

At Zeus, they understand that dogs have different wants and needs – which is why we make sure all our products cater to them in every way possible. Let your pup enjoy the range of high-quality toys and products that this brand provides.

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