Zippy Paws Adventure Car Hammock


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Take your pet on any adventure worry-free with the Zippy Paws Adventure Car Hammock! Loop it over headrests to create a comfy and secure spot in the backseat for your furry friend. No more mud and fur on the seats!

One size fits most vehicles and headrests
Made with water-resistant material
Includes adjustable straps and slits for seat belt accessibility

From a dog-friendly office to birthday parties for our pups, Zippy Paws don’t just love dogs. They think of them as our family. It’s how they are able to put such care and devotion into the creation of their toys. They’re designed not only with lifestyle in mind, but to be the highest quality and safest on the market. ZippyPaws’ own dogs are their first line of quality assurance. If it’s not good enough for their own, it’s not good enough for yours.

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