Zippy Paws SmartyPaws Donut Slider Puzzler Dog Toy


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Zippy Paws SmartyPaws Donut Slider Puzzler is a deliciously fun way to keep your pup entertained and reduce bordem! Concealed treats motivate your pup to solve an adorably donut-shaped puzzle. This clever interactive toy is perfect for challenging your pup's problem-solving abilities and unleashing their inner detective! Yum!

Zippy Paws Toy Highlights:

3-in-1 game
Reduce boredom
Non-slip base to prevent sliding

Zippy Paws was founded in 2011 and focuses on putting care and devotion into their toys to make them the best quality they can. Every toy is tested and approved by their own pups to ensure your pup will love them too.

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