5 Dog Grooming Tips For a Cool Summer

5 Dog Grooming Tips For a Cool Summer

A pet's coat helps regulate a pet's body temperature. And, a healthy coat can keep them cool and comfortable with temp spikes! As pet parents, keeping our furry friends healthy and comfortable is a top priority. One of the best ways to do so is by proper grooming.

You may have heard of the typical tips such as regular bathing and brushing, but it's essential to vary your dog's summer grooming routine during the hotter months. We're sharing with you the best dog grooming tips for summer, so your pup can beat the heat and enjoy the sunny weather without any discomfort!

1) Switch to Summer Shampoo & Conditioner

During the summer, switch to a probiotic-infused or soothing shampoo and conditioner, such as Skout's Honor.

This simple change is great for pets who suffer from skin or seasonal allergies. A probiotic shampoo + conditioner uses good bacteria as a natural defense against excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection, and odor. It also includes omega-3 that calms inflammation and reduces redness.

Our team's favorite Summer scent right now is Skout's Honor Honeysuckle Shampoo + Conditioner.

Dog next to Skout's Honor Honeysuckle Products

2) Schedule Regular Grooming Appointments

During summer, your dog's coat can trap heat and make them feel uncomfortable. Did you know we have all-inclusive self-serve grooming stations? And, it's only $19.99 per dog for 30 minutes. Schedule regular bathing appointments at our self-serve pet wash stations!

Tomlinson's Pet Wash Stations

Dog wash features include:

  • A raised, stainless-steel dog wash tub (with additional raisers for small pets)

  • A step stool for easy accessibility by large dogs, senior dogs, or dogs with mobility issues

  • Spray nozzle with warm water

  • Blow dryer set to low/cool heat

  • Clean Towels

  • Skout's Honor hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioner

  • An array of combs/brushes

  • Ear cleanser

  • Breath freshener

  • Cotton balls

  • Apron

  • Treats (a little food motivation for the good boys and girls)

Have a special grooming product you use? Bring it with you to use at the pet wash.

And the best part is each dog wash station is fully enclosed: you and your dirty dog have the full room to yourselves for your entire reservation.

3) The In-Between Bath

While waiting for your pet's next monthly bath, your pet's fur can suffer from matting, dander, and dirt, making them feel uncomfortable during the hotter months. A cost-effective way to prevent this discomfort is the "In-Between Bath".

 Skout's Honor Deodorizer Spray

These few simple products, tested and approved by our family, will keep your pet's skin fresh and coat free of heat-trapping dirt, dander, and loose hair.

  • Grooming Wipes: Complete with shea butter, aloe vera, and chamomile these grooming wipes will help soothe your pup's skin while cleaning them. They are all-natural, certified compostable, and safe to use anywhere on your dog and even on yourself! Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

  • Waterless Shampoo: This is great for dogs that may not enjoy bath time as much as others. Cleanse and moisturize between baths with a dry shampoo or waterless foaming shampoo. Rinse free, worry free!

  • Deodorizer Spray: Most dogs *mine* get a bath because they downright stink. This summer, use a Deodorizing Spray for a fresher, better-smelling pet in-between washes. It's quick, no hassle, and smells great for days.

  • Brushing: Regular brushing will break up dirt, dander, and remove excess fur. With the right tools, your dog's fur will help them stay comfortable. Don't skip this essential part!

Tomlinson's Pro Tip: Thinking of giving your pup a trim for the summer? Don't grab the scissors just yet! Make sure to consult with a professional groomer as some breeds (double-coated dogs) need their fur to regulate their body temperature.

4) Protect Their Paw Pads

During summer, the hot pavement, asphalt, or sand can burn your dog's skin and paws in a matter of minutes. If your walking surface doesn't pass the 30-second test, it's too hot! To prevent paw pad burns avoid long walks during peak hours and invest in some paw protection.

Dog Booties and Paw Protection from Summer Heat While you might think that carrying your best friend across the parking lot, pushing them in a pet stroller, or buying pet shoes sounds silly, they are great ways to protect their paws. If you plan on hiking or taking walks this Summer, check out our dog booties.

If your dog has suffered some minor burners, pick up ointments like Major Darling Paw Salve, Farm Dog Naturals Salvation Balm, or Lubrisyn Wound Gel to treat burned paws. These have antiseptic qualities and will keep a moisturizing, protective layer over your pet's paws.

If your pet's paw pads show blisters or open wounds, head to your vet! Only the vet will be able to determine if there is further, unseen damage and can prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection of sores.

Tomlinson's Pro Tip: Paws are extra sensitive after extended periods of time in the water. If you’ve spent the day on the lake or by the river, your pet’s paw pads will be softened and will need extra attention to prevent burning!

5) Keep Them Hydrated

Duh - right? Well, it's a good reminder that keeping your pet hydrated is crucial during the summer months. Make sure your dog has easy access to fresh water all the time.

But if your pet, like mine, gets too excited to drink when they are out and about, bone broth is your answer. Bone Broth is a ready-to-drink supplement that helps support healthy joints, digestion, and shiny coat. It's also a great way to get your dog to drink and get moisture throughout the day! 

 Dog Drinking Bone Broth in Travel Bowl

If you're at home, Bones & Co. bone broth comes in an easy to store and pour container. If you're on a hike or packing light, we suggest these travel-sized bone broths from Nulo.

 Dog Bath outside with Skout's Honor

Spick & Span Summer ☀️

With these five best dog grooming tips, you can keep your furry friend healthy and happy this summer. Ensure that you are not only keeping them clean and groomed but also providing them with ample shade and water to stay hydrated.

Apart from these tips, remember to keep them away from extreme temperatures, and most importantly, enjoy a wonderful summer with your pup.

Looking for more Pet Parenting tips?

Tomlinson's is your go-to pet supply store for natural, healthy pet products in Austin and the Central Texas region. Come shop in-store and we will help you pick out the healthiest products and food for your dog or cat.

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