Summer Essentials For Your Dog

A Pet’s Guide to the Texas Summer

Summer in Texas means poolside lounging, attending exciting events, and having a blast with your furry friend. But, are you prepared with all the necessary gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer?

Worry not, fellow Texans - we've got you covered! Our pawfect guide to beating the heat has been meticulously crafted to help you make the most of your Summer with your beloved dog. From what gear to pack to the safest swimming spots in town, we've got it all.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Summer adventure with your furry sidekick. Let us show you the ropes on how to stay cool, comfortable, and entertained this season.

Dog Laying Outside

How to Beat the Heat

Tips to keep your pet cool during Texas summers

As the Texas thermometer soars into the upper 90's, our pets are looking to us to keep them safe from the heat. Here is what we recommend:

Dog Booties

Dog Booties

One surefire way to prevent paw pad burns is to invest in a pair of pet booties. And after a few awkward attempts at walking, your pet will get used to them! These are essential if you have an active dog in Texas. Here's why...

Paw pads are more than just cute cushions. They provide important protection for bones, joints, and tissue deep within the paws. Burning these beans can result in painful injury! Make sure to keep them safe and happy by checking the walking path for excessive heat before heading out for a stroll. 

It's all about checking the temperature. Place your hand palm down on the surface. If it's too hot for your hand after 30 seconds, it's definitely too hot for your pet's delicate paws.

Learn how to the symptoms and how to treat paw pad burns here! 

Dog Wearing Neck Gaiter

Cooling Gear

Even though a pet's coat helps regular their body temperature, the Texas heat is sometimes no match. Cooling apparel like vests, bandanas, and gaiters will keep your pooch cool as a cucumber for hours.

If you're looking for an immediate fix, and our free same-day delivery doesn't work, just use a towel, t-shirt, or bandana! Soak the item in water and pop it in the freezer. Use as you would any bandana or vest. It might not last hours, like these products, but it will do the job for quick outing.

Dog playing with cooling toy

Cooling Toys

These frozen toys are great for an afternoon outside! Simply soak or fill with water, freeze and your pup can relax while keeping cool and comfortable.

Shop our cooling toy collection here!

Paw-fect Exercise

Ideas for fun activities that keep your pet active in the heat

Safe Swimming for dogs in Austin Texas

Safe-Swimming Spots in Central Texas

In the last few years, Austin has been under harmful algae watch. We made a map of safe-swimming holes in the Hill Country area for Fido and his friends. Check it all out here along with updates from the city on toxic algae blooms.

Shop life jackets and floating toys here!

More on "harmful algae"...

The City of Austin has found levels of a harmful "blue, green" algal bloom present in Austin waters since 2019 and each year after. Routine testing is set to resume this summer. As of May 9th, 2023Risk is HIGH for pets. Algae is in full bloom on Lady Bird Lake and blue-green algae has been found in Cold Spring on Lady Bird Lake. Please assume all algae may be toxic and avoid it.

Tomlinson's Pro Tip: paws are extra sensitive after extended periods of time in the water. If you’ve spent the day on the lake or by the river, your pet’s paw pads will be softened and will need extra attention to prevent burning or injury.

Dog on a walk


If you haven't gone on a hike in the Hill Country, were you really there? Here are our favorite hikes to take Fido. Just make sure you...

  1. Pack an Emergency Kit. Trust us, it's essential! 
  2. Always pay attention to leash policies. They are in place for you and your dog's safety.
  3. Never allow your dog to drink from natural waterways in the Austin area. It is important you bring an ample amount of drinking water for yourself and Fido. And if you do swim, wash your dog off thoroughly. Algae can stick to their fur and it's unsafe if they lick it off.

Backyard Fun

For all of our couch potato pups, there is still fun to be had in the backyard or park! A simple kiddie pool and water hose will do the trick and add some excitement.

Follow up your day of fun with a Doggie Ice Cream from Tomlinson's.

Staying Hydrated

How to make sure your pet is drinking enough water throughout the day
Dog Travel Bowl

Bone Broths

If your pet, like mine, gets too excited to drink when they are out and about, bone broth is your answer. Bone Broth is a ready-to-drink supplement that helps support healthy joints and digestion. It's also a great way to get your dog to drink and get moisture throughout the day.

If you're on a hike or packing light, we suggest these travel-sized bone broths from Nulo.

Moisture-Rich Diets

Our kibble diets are nutritious, but due to their cooking method, lack moisture. Feeding a gently cooked or raw diet during the summer months will upgrade their water intake!

Shop a few different recipes here.

Travel Bowls

Never forget your travel bowl. These are great for on-the-go feeding or water breaks. Need one? We've got one!

Sun and Shade Protection

Different ways to protect your pet from sunburns and heat exhaustion

Dog hanging out outsideHeat Stroke

Heat stroke is no joke. It's why we wrote up an entire article to help you be prepared! Here are the headliner's:

  • A heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia.

  • Much like dehydration, dogs are more likely to have a heat stroke than cats.

  • Look for symptoms of dizziness, excessive panting, muscle tremors, bright red tongue, red or pale gums, or increased salivation.

  • If your pet is experiencing heat stroke take them out of direct sunlight and into shade. Make fresh, cool drinking water available. Cool them off with cool, NOT ICE COLD, water.

Heat Rash

We will probably hit triple digits this Summer. It's important to know how that can affect your pets, specifically your dog. While the temperature rises, outdoor activities might need to be cut short to prevent a common skin issue: Heat Rash. Read more here!

UV Protection

Bandana, neck gaiters, and vests are a must-have for Texan Pet Parents. Especially for short-snouted or long-haired dogs, these products make a big difference in their ability to fend off the Texas heat.

Not only to they act as cooling gear but they also aid in UV protection! Pet's with shorter coats can sunburn and experience heat rash. 

We couldn't recommend these items more!

Plan Accordingly

Plan exercise and playtime accordingly! During the summer, try switching your dog's playtime routine to early mornings or evenings. That way, playtime doesn't have to be cut short.

Always provide plenty of shade and fresh water - regardless of the hour.

So Fresh, So Clean

Grooming and flea & tick prevention during the summertime

Fluffy Dog in the Summertime

Grooming Gear

A coat helps regulate a pet's body temperature. And, a healthy coat can keep them cool and comfortable with temps spike. During the summer, switch to a probiotic-infused or soothing shampoo and conditioner. And, be sure to brush them frequently! Matting, dander, and dirt can impair a coat's ability to do its job.

Book a dog wash with us! We have everything your dog needs at our pet-serve pet wash stations. Plus, we'll even clean up after you!

If you're washing at home, don't worry we have you covered with all the summer grooming essentials.

Flea & Tick

Don't let insects ruin your outdoor fun! Try our local favorite flea and tick repellant, Wondercide.

Their sprays, collars, and spot on treatments are 100% naturally-derived, fast-acting, and non-toxic. While you're enjoying the outdoors, their formula will repel, kill, and prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Some products even target roaches, wasps, and ants.

Even better, their sprays are safe for people, dogs, and cats! Simply spritz your pets coat and then your own legs and arms. Our team never leaves home without it - and you won't want to either.

Shop all of Wondercide here. Or, browse our full line of Dog Flea & Tick products here. Cat's apply here.

Happy repelling!

Local Pawsitivity

Events and attractions for pets in Texas this summer

Top Pet-Friendly Eateries in Austin

Austin loves dogs. In fact, it ranks 4th in the country with over 510 pet-friendly restaurants. That’s a lot!

Our dog's picked their top twenty-five dog-friendly restaurants that have off-leash parks, friendly staff, and even some with a doggie menu guaranteed to have your pup wagging.

Find a New Local Eatery

Breed Meet ups with ZilkerBark!

We've teamed up with ZilkerBark! to bring breed meetups to your favorite local spot! Follow our page to RSVP to the next event.

Follow Along

15+ Central Texas Pet-Friendly Activities

We're dog people here in the Texas Hill Country. And, exploring Austin, Texas isn't complete without your pup at your side.

So grab your leash, their booties (yes, seriously), and some drinking water because we're hitting the town!

15+ Things To Do This Summer

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