Top 10 Summer Essentials to Survive Texas Summer

Top 10 Summer Essentials to Survive Texas Summer

And just like that, we are on the verge of our first 100-degree day of the year. *sighs* As you bring out the shorts, tanks, and SPF, here are our top 10 pet essentials for surviving the Texas heat.


The Coolest Threads—Literally

Just because it’s a bazillion degrees outside doesn’t mean you’re limited to your birthday suit (in your pet’s case). The RC Pet Zephyr Cooling Dog Vest is made with lightweight material that uses evaporative cooling to keep your dog’s temperature down. Looking to make less of a statement but reap the same benefits? Try the RC Pet Zephyr Cooling Dog Bandana.


Your pet’s paws are another concern: as temperatures increase, so does the temperature of the pavement. RC Pets Sport Pawks – Dog Socks protect your dog’s paws from hot asphalt, slippery surfaces, and debris. Plus, they are s’cute!

RC Pets Sport Pawks Dog Socks


TGIF (thank goodness it’s frozen)

What’s better than an ice-cold popsicle on a hot day? The GF Pet Popsicle Ice Toy. Fill the popsicle with water, freeze, enjoy! Have a puppy? This is perfect for those that are teething.


Have some time on your hands? Make them homemade popsicles with Primal Goat’s Milk! Here’s a fun, summer treat recipe we created: Dog-Friendly Popsicle Recipe.

Primal Pet Foods Goat's Milk (@primalpetfoods)


Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

Make a splash with Pet Adventures Worldwide Mariner Dog Life Jacket. Perfect for pool parties, trips to the greenbelt or on the boat, the adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit while the grab handle makes it easy to pull your dog out of the water in an emergency.

PAW - Pet Adventure Worldwide Mariner Dog Life Jacket (@emma_brat)


A/C please!

Plan to spend more time indoors? Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop Dog Toy offers hours of long-lasting, brain-stimulating entertainment. Fill with treats and dogs will pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop (@planetdoglife)


Give a dog a bone!

Literally. Raw bones like Bones & Co Raw Beef Marrow Bone are a great treat to add extra moisture into your dog’s diet. Plus, it’s lip-licking good as you can see.

 Bones & Co. Frozen Raw Beef Bone


Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…

A collapsible bowl will provide your pet some TLC. Beco Pets Travel Bowl is the perfect companion for your doggo when out and about. The Beco Foundation gives back 5% of all profits to the local community, animal and environmental causes. Doin’ Earth a delight!

 Beco Collapsible Dog Bowl


Paw, paw, paw, paradise!

Did you know dogs can also experience sunburns? It’s true. If your furry friend is in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, especially if their coat is cut short and skin is exposed, we recommend applying Shake Organic Skin Cream for Pets to their skin & nose before heading outside. This cream prevents hot spots and provides SPF protection.



Summer heat can be cruel, but these goods will keep your pup cool. Do you have a go-to summer product or tips? We’d love to hear them - share it with us!


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