Congrats on your ABC adoption!

Use code ABCADOPTER at checkout to get $25 off pet food when you buy $100 in new pet essentials--that's equivalent to a free small bag of food!

Oh, and we'll donate $10 to ABC Rescue, too!

What you'll need

Bowls, collars, toys, oh my. Here's a comprehensive list of the essentials to have on hand in your pet's first few weeks at home.

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Picking a pet food

Kibble, cans, raw, or...sous vide? Pets have all the options these days. Here's a guide to picking your pet's best grub.

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What to expect

Pets don't come with an owner's manual. Check our Q&A on what to expect when bringing home your new pet is the next best thing.

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We're Local

We've offered the same friendly customer service to Texans for 75 years.

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We Support Rescue

We donate +150,000 lbs of food and +$50,000 to Central Texas rescues every year.


Just wanted to say I've been shopping here for the last four years, and I'm so thankful for each employee there! Everyone is very knowledgeable about the product they offer and is always kind.

Audra E.

Audra Testimonial

The ease of use of online ordering and the same-day delivery is amazing!!! I love it. I will use this all the time. It makes my life so much easier and is wonderful customer service. I cannot thank you enough.

Emily M.

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I really appreciate how quickly the staff has been able to process my orders since the quarantine. Pickup is always easy, as well. Thank you for keeping my pup fed and giving me one less thing to worry about!

Alicia P.